Gary Field, a graduate of Emory University is the Founder of NuBarter. He has been selected by Georgia Trend Magazine as one of the best and brightest young Georgians and his company has been selected, by Forbes Magazine, as one of the top five companies in America worthy of investment. His business has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, American Airlines In-Flight-Magazine, CNN, Fox Business News, and ABC News.

                                                  Eddy Anton is the Operations Manager of NuBarter

Karen Roumay is the territory owner of NuBarter in Boca Raton. Passionate about helping small business owners exceed, Karen has made it her mission to educate all small business owners about the benefits of NuBarter, so that they can achieve their financial goals, and most importantly, preserve cash. Karen’s greatest strength is her ability to reach out simultaneously to everyone of her clients in the South Florida territory, no matter how large it grows, and help them navigate this difficult time.


Bob LaRocca worked for IBM as a customer engineer until he started his own computer repair company that was sold to TRW in 1986. Bob then moved to South Florida with his wife and kids, where he started a boat rental company and three restaurants. Bob traded extensively with his boat rental company and restaurants, which gave him great insight into the value of trade sales and utilizing the new found revenue to conserve cash. He has worked with NuBarter since 2010, and last year, took over the Palm Beach territory from Boynton Beach north.