Zike 100

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The Zike®Z100 is designed for children ages 6 to 10 weighing less than 150 lbs, and features a rugged steel frame with aluminum alloy wheels and air-filled tires, textured grips and reflectors on the pedals and a hand braking system. Kids will enjoy ziking everywhere on their Zike® Z100® and parents will appreciate the multitude of health benefits their children are gaining! The Zike is unlike anything you have ever seen before and provides hours of fun and fitness!

Patented smooth drive system
Rugged steel frame
Aluminum alloy wheels
Air-filled tires
Comfortable rubber grip handles
Textured grips and reflectors on pedals
Folds easily • Supports up to 150 lbs.
Recommended for ages 6 – 10
Remember to fully inflate your tires to 45 psi.