Ms. Polly's Cake & Cupcakes

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Ms. Polly and her masterminded team of Cake Giants are armed with the ability to incorporate modern designs into traditional expectancies. Ms. Polly will bring into reality your desires and top your tables with her signature of edible art. With strong values of One on One service and the encouragement to help clients discover their own creativity; Ms. Polly’s Cake Giants will be here proudly supporting and exceeding your expectations.

New Location: 104 E Broughton Street! Open 7 days a week!
Purchase your scrip certificates today and get your orders in or come in an enjoy your next sweet tooth craving.
Red Velvet cakes & cupcakes
Sweet but zesty Key Lime Cake
Traditional Pound Cake
Sour Cream Pound Cake
or your next Birthday, Graduation or Wedding Cake