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Length: 90 minutesSegway tours by Savannah Segway

Price: $75 per Segway;
alue for memories: Priceless!
TRAINING starts 15 minutes prior to tour time.*
Gratuity is not included in ticket price. Tipping is customary if you enjoy your tour, but it is not mandatory.
Bonaventure is Italian for “good fortune”. For one of the best Savannah Segway tours on a Segway or bike Bonaventure Cemetery, come and let Adventure Tours In Motion show you around. One of the more popular things to do in Savannah is a Savannah Segway tour which is a fun way to get around. Located near Historic District Savannah, this beautiful masterpiece of a cemetery is the resting place of many famous people and stunning architectural eras. Your eyes will gravitate to the romantic influences of the Victorian era while fascinated by the Southern Gothic representation on your Savannah Segway tour. As you take your Savannah Segway tour through the fabulous live oaks and wonderfully dangling Spanish Moss, listen close...you might just hear Johnny Mercer’s “Moon River” traveling through the breeze. This Savannah Segway tour and electric bike tour provides an intimate way to connect to the character of this heavenly place. The cemetery offers many sites to see, full of symolism and wonderful artwork.
The Bonaventure Cemetery is also important because it shows the change in how people viewed death. While on your Savannah Segway tour you realize how the Victorian Era viewed dying in a more romantic way so a lot of grave sites are very lavish and beautiful. While on your Savannah Segway tour a few graves you may pass are:
William Gaston: A merchant agent for Savannah Phila Liverpool shipping line O
Gracie Watson: Daughter of Manager of Pulaski House Hotel
Julie Backus Smith: Marathon Runner
Noble Jones: Owner of Wormsloe
Edward Telfair: Politician and Plantation Owner
Mary Telfair: Philanthropic Spinster
James Neill: Silent Film and Stage Actor
Richard D. Arnold: Mayor of Savannah
Robert Houston Anderson: Confederate Brigadier General
Johnny Mercer: Lyricist, Composer and Singer
Conrad Aiken: Novelist Poet
Alexander Robert Lawton: Lawyer and Politician
Moe Fetzer: Chemist
The cemetery is located on the site of a plantation originally owned by John Mullryne and on this Savannah Segway Tour we will provide transportation to the cemetery. John Mullryne and Josiah tattnall declared their loyalties to England they were banished from Georgia.Subsequently all of their holdings were nationalized and sold at public auctions.This Savannah Segway tour is facsinating history because Bonaventure was purchased by John Habersham. Bonaventure was also used as a landing site, campgrounds, and hospital for French and Haitian troops.
Josiah tattnall Jr. purchased Bonaventure from Habersham in 1788. Bonaventure remained in the family until 1846 when Commodore Josiah Tattnall, Jr., sold the 600-acre Bonaventure Plantation and its private cemetery to Peter Wiltberger. Major William H. Wiltberger, the son of Peter, formed the Evergreen Cemetery Company in 1868. Evergreen Cemetery Company was purchased by the City of Savannah in 1907, making the cemetery public and changing the name to Bonaveventure cemetery has something for everyone. Bonaventure Cemetery. In 2001 the cemetery was placed on the national Registry of historic Places. So whether you are looking for beautiful scenic landscapes or historical intrigue Bonaventure Cemetery come Segway with on this amazing Savannah Segway tour.
*Company reserves the right to adjust training time if a busy schedule warrants a delay.