Vintage, custom jewelry and small antique store downtown Savannah

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The shop has quite the variety of jewelry with pieces ranging from $5 to $40,000. Old Victorian rings, pearl necklaces, bracelets and earrings are all available, as well as rings with morganite, alexandrite, rubies, smokey topaz and all kinds of other pendants and gemstones. And that’s in addition to all of the custom pieces created by Steve Carroll.

But they don’t just sell jewelry; they also repair it.
The store can reproduce a knife or a fork or anything like that to make it look exactly like the original but does not only do repairs by hand, but also with a $20,000 laser to use for special projects. Custume jewelry can also be repaired.
If you buy a ring and it doesn’t fit, they’ll size it, usually, as you wait. Most of the time, within the hour.
The store offers jewelry, art, antiques and oddities - everything from glass eyes to biker rings, watch fobs, pockets knives, old trench lighters. All kinds of unusual things...