Atlanta Area Custom Framing and Art

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Artwork and custom framing

Artist Frank Kelley Jr produces 20 to 25 pieces each year, and his work has been exhibited across the nation, including New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, California, Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida and Tennessee. He has inventory available on trade paintings and prints of rural, celebrated jazz, and southern life are reflected through Frank’s work available on full trade. www.deljouartgroup.com
Our in-house custom + contract frame shop fulfills any framing job— from the high-end, to the budget-friendly volume order. No matter the scale, style, type, or budget, the talented craftsman in our in-house frame shop can handle the greatest of challenges. What's more, we work with the nation's leading manufacturers to provide our clients with the largest moulding and frame material selection, ranging in all styles, finishes and price.
This Client is Broker Managed: Please Contact Your NuBarter Broker to prearrange for trade with Deljou Art Group. Don't procrastinate let NuBarter assist you with all your custom framing needs reach out today to make trade arrangements.