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OneBoxTV Stream, is a sophisticated state of the art piece of hardware that allows you to turn virtually any TV into a smart TV, and a smart TV into a smarter TV!!

OneBoxTV Streams Android computer device plugs directly into your television and enables you to stream unlimited content from the internet.
There are NO subscription or monthly fees. All you require is a internet connection.
With OneBoxTV Stream you just plug and play to use. Once connected to the internet you can use the various apps (about 900) to search for the content you want to see. It goes out to the internet, finds the content, sorts it according to best streams, buffers it and streams it through to your Television.
You can stream, Music, Movies, Television shows, Live sports, International shows and play online games! You can also use it to surf the internet, Facebook, Tweet, access Google etc.
Stop paying for Cable, Netflix and Hulu!
Free Streaming Movies
Stream 100's of Movies directly to your TV on Demand
Comes with Remote Control