Segway Movie Tour

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Length: 75 minutesSegway tours by Savannah Segway

Price: $75 per Segway;
Value for memories: Priceless!
TRAINING starts 15 minutes prior to tour time.*
Gratuity is not included in ticket price. Tipping is customary if you enjoy your tour, but it is not mandatory.
Hooray for Savannahwood!
This Savannah Segway tour is the perfect way to see some of Savannah’s most notable film locations. Filmmakers have found Savannah to be one of the most desirable and picturesque backdrops for movies and TV since 1915. Our Savannah Segway tour takes you from movie set location to movie set location and see where Forrest Gump sat sharing his box of chocolates telling his life story while waiting for the bus to take him to Jenny’s apartment on Henry Street here in Savannah.
This Savannah Segway tour let you see where Julia Roberts catches Dennis Quaid with another woman in Something to Talk About. While you Segway or bike on this Savannah Segway tour you hear the behind-the-scenes stories of some of your favorite movies such as Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Did you know Clint Eastwood is not only a famous actor but he was the director of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.
Segway through the same streets some of your favorite stars have walked such as Robert Redford, Channing Tatum, Robert DeNiro, Zach Efron, Miley Cyrus and many, many more. On our Savannah Segway tour, this movie tour, will provide you with an back lot experience like no other.
*Company reserves the right to adjust training time if a busy schedule warrants a delay.