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About D. Vine Events

D.vine Savannah Weddings is an event planning company established from over 20 years of design and special event expertise, created for YOU…our Inspiration A D.vine event is one that projects fun, energetic, meaningful experiences for you and your guest with the style and grace of the beautiful south.
While Savannah is our home, we always have bags packed and love to travel the Southeast
creating one beautiful southern event at a time. From our first introductions, we want to know who YOU are. What YOU are passionate about. We want to know each of the elements that created your personality, because at D.vine, our events are created with only YOU in mind.
Our desire is to share in your excitement, as the chills rush to your soul
the moment you see our work. The work of a diverse talented team has used
To transform your dream into reality!
After all, it IS all about YOU!
Welcome to the D.vine Experience
At D.VINE we prefer to honor your special day by customizing a proposal
making your experience one to be cherished for a lifetime.
D.vine offers an array of services to meet any of your special event needs:
Complete Design and
Customized Wedding Events
Month of Wedding Coordination
Day of Wedding Coordination
Elopement Services
Destination Weddings
Commitment Ceremonies
Engagement Events
Bachelorette Parties
While PACKAGES appear to be quick and cost efficient, they are often mistaken as
Cookie Cutter events, including unnecessary expenses.
Your special day should be defined by YOU!
It's not a dress rehearsal, it's two hearts becoming as one.
Please feel free to contact us for your private consultation at 256-244-6000.
We look forward to making your dream a reality.