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Handcrafted Food Selections

Our food selections are meticulously arranged to offer the best variety and quality for all meals. Whether its breakfast or a business luncheon, our dynamic menu has selections that are sure to please! Menu items are subject to availability and for dietary restrictions or ingredients just ask one of our friendly staff members!
Friendship Coffee Company offers the finest quality Arabica Brazil “BOBOLINK” green coffee beans from South America. This is a direct trade coffee that is hand picked at the ripest stage of the fruit and dried naturally on raised beds. It is also double sorted by hand to ensure freshness and quality with minimal defects.
This Coffee is sustainably grown and processed in harmony with nature. The coffee is grown in the Mt. Mogiana Region and is a mixture of Catuai, Bourbon, and Mundo Nuvo Varietals. It is grown in high elevations from 1200-1400 meters with plenty of natural rainfall per year.