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We want to help you understand and take control over your technology. We don’t just fix problems; we explain why they happened and how to avoid them in the future. Computer help is just a phone call away. We provide tech support, PC repair, and Mac repair. Our computer repair and tech support services help people remove viruses, back up data, repair computer hardware, and more.

See our list of computer repair services below:
Virus Removal For Home Users
How safe are your computer from viruses, phishing attacks, malware, and other dangers? Is your antivirus effective and up to date? Do you have regularly scheduled virus scan, automatic updates, and proper internet security?
1 Malware Detection
Computer viruses are becoming more and more pervasive in technology today. Viruses spread themselves through all sorts of tricky ways, including fake emails (phishing), social media, spam, and even fake antivirus software. The world of antivirus is also constantly changing, making it harder to know which antivirus software to use.
Data Backup and Recovery
Is your data being backed up? Is your data being backed up automatically? Is your data being backed up off site? Does your data backup offer file versioning, allowing you to restore from any given date or time? Have you ever tested your backup recovery process? What about your kids computers, mobile device information, and family archives?
Data backup - Data recovery
We have seen too many precious family photos and videos disappear due to theft or drive failure – we protect our customers with business-class data backup and recovery solutions.
Windows PC Support
Windows PCs make up more than 85% of all computers. Windows PCs are affordable, powerful, and come in great variety. Unfortunately, they are also prone to broken parts, viruses, lost data, and other mishaps. Fortunately, we offer Windows PC repair. We support the operating system, the programs, the hardware, all of it.
Is your computer running slow? Are you experiencing crashes, like the “Blue Screen of Death”? Do you need to transfer programs to a new PC? Not sure which PC to buy? If your Windows PC needs repair or you need help please contact us.
Mac and IOS Support