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Two questions you should ask yourself when renovating your bathroom or kitchen: Are you fixing problems left by your builder/ or previous owner? Are you going for a brand new look? Whatever it is, make sure that your personality and lifestyle is reflected in your project, you'll be so much happier in the end.

JS-1 Construction Co's goal is to bring your concept into reality as painless and stress-free as possible. When comparing estimates, prospects often find that we are not the most costly, nor are we the most expensive; however we are often still the choice to complete the job.
It is never wise to choose a contractor based on price alone... service, quality and reputation should come first. Price is relative to great service and the reputation of the contractor. After all, you want the end result to be a pleasant one. About 70% of our clients come through referral... this is our greatest testimonial for confidence, reliability, & quality and it is our aim to be the ending relationship we have with you as a client.
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Labor is on barter (ask us about our limits per job) Materials are in cash.