Vehicle Magnets - Car Magnets

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Vehicle Magnets are a very cost effective way of promoting your business. Vehicle magnets are especially popular for people living in homeowner associations that ofte do not allow advertising on vehicles to be parked within the development overnight. It also is great for people that want to advertise on their personal vehicle but do not want to leave the advertising on 27/7!

Our regular pricing for a pair of 12" x 18" magnets is $70 and a pair of 12" x 24" is $90. Custom sizes are calculated at the same square foot pricing as the 12x24 magnets so get the size you need without spending a bundle! We offer the magnets 100% barter!
Providing we are provided with finished files to print, there are no additional fees (except sales tax and shipping costs which typically is only $15) . If you need design work done you can contact your broker and they can put you in touch with a graphic artist. We can design the magnets for you however we charge $35 per half hour and this is not available on trade.