Pampering Beauty Treatments

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Just in time for the HOLIDAYS!!...treat yourself or a loved one to the ultimate in skin and body care rejuvenation. Experience the RED CARPET TREATMENT! Famous secret celebrity treatment!

Includes all of the following:
Soothing Luxurious Facial
Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion
Aromatherapy Relaxation Inhalation Treatment
Face Steaming
Image Skincare Oxygen O2 Lift & Enzymatic Peel
Anti-Aging Infusion Mask
Non-Invasive, Non Painful Laser Treatment which uses Cold Laser, Red Light and Radiofrequency to reverse the aging process at a cellular level of your face and neck area.
Far Infrared Whole Body Treatment
This treatment renews the entire face. It lifts and tightens the skin. It smooth’s fine lines and wrinkles, regenerates, transforms and rejuvenates the skin with permanent and immediate effects. It sloughs off old dead skin and the superficial surface layer. The technology used is a holistic and homeopathic alternative to non-invasive surgery and there is no pain at all. Treatment includes Reiki Energy healing.
In Los Angeles this treament is $1,500.00 for one session!
Positive Transformation price is $750.