Doggy Day Care and Boarding -Savannah

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The Hipster Hound Doggy Day Care and Boarding

Let your hound play with his or her hipster friends during the day at the Hipster Hound Doggy Day Care. We know you'd rather be playing with your dog all day, but that's not always possible.
That's why Hipster Hound is here for you. We offer a huge play area for your dog where he or she can have a ton of social time with friends. We ensure that your dog gets the best care.
Our Hipster Handler care team loves dogs and loves caring for them. They also understand dogs’ behavior as they want our fur guests to have the most fun they can in a day, keeping in mind their safety, health and well being.
With our large indoor and outdoor yards, your pup enjoys free play all day and maybe even some napping. And although they play all day long, we have quiet time for those dogs who could use a little rest in between their play, like puppies, seniors or any dogs who may just need a break.
Play groups are determined by our dog behaviorist to see what dogs would play the best together. We try to group by size and age but sometimes those dogs do just as well with larger more playful dogs.
Doggy Daycare goers must be up to date on their vaccinations and supply a copy to The Hipster Hound.
We also offer shuttle service for dogs who live in downtown Savannah or Ardsley Park.