Entertainment October 5th & 6th Portrait of a Queen

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Portrait of a Queen by CeCe Teneal:Tribute to the Queen of Soul… Aretha Franklin

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In her tribute to Aretha Franklin, CeCe Teneal will bring you on a journey through what truly soulful music is supposed to look, feel and sound like. It takes someone with both incredible talent and a larger-than-life attitude to do justice to the Queen of Soul’s body of work, and CeCe Teneal can claim both. An incredible singer and songwriter in her own right, CeCe’s “Portrait of a Queen” comes straight from the heart as she pays tribute to Aretha, someone she has long admired, not only for her incredible vocals, but also for her dedication to performing music that always has a message for the listener. Whether that message is a demand for “Respect,” a caution to “Think” twice before doing someone wrong, a message of how to get through troubled water or how love made her feel like a “Natural Woman,” Aretha had a lot to say to her audiences, and CeCe is sure to deliver.