Savannah,GA - Carpet Cleaning w/ free deodorizing treatment

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$169.95 Whole house, any 5 rooms carpet cleaning with free deodorizing treatment. 100% trade.

Carpet Cleaners For Your Home
Dirty Carpet Is Undesirable Carpet.
When it comes to your home, you never want to second guess what may be stuck on the floor and in places that you cannot see. Carpet is oftentimes dirtier than you may think with particles that get ground into the fibers and trapped under the surface. Your home experiences a high volume of traffic, especially in areas near doorways.
If you have kids or pets, your carpet is at an even greater risk for accidental spills and dirt to be ground into it. Do not let the frustration of dirty carpets get to you; call the experts at Enviro-Klean Services to have the carpet cleaning you desire. We work effectively and efficiently to provide you with the results you are after.
When your carpet is dirty, the last thing you want to think about is the time, money, and disaster it is to tear it up and replace it. Instead of having to replace your carpet, let us show you what a good carpet cleaning can do. Our trained professionals use certified solutions to allow for your carpet to go from looking dingy and dirty to looking brand new. We also offer carpet stretching and restoration to get it looking as good as new. We’ll also take care of any air duct cleaning or mold removal you may need, making the air in your home healthier than ever.
When your home needs a carpet cleaning, let us transform it for you. Whether you have water damage or just need a deep clean from the best carpet cleaner around, call us today.
We Work Hard For You.
Our customers are our number one priority. No job is too big or small for us to handle with the proper care and treatment solution. With top-of-the-line customer service, outstanding workmanship, and exceptional restorative methods, we strive to be the company we would use in our own home. Contact us today!
All cleanings include Pre-treatment, Steam Cleaning, and Deodorizer. All Techs are Certified and Professional. Rooms larger then 200 sq. ft are considered 2 Rooms.
1 hour $169.95
Traffic areas only. Additional Rooms $19.95 Each. Specialty Stains additional services outside general cleaning may require additional charge to remove. Available 6 Days Per Week. All Green Cleaning, Certified Technician & Satisfaction Guaranteed.