Savannah Dining at its Finest

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Experience a Century Old Savannah Tradition

At 17 Hundred 90 you are guaranteed wonderful entrées, professional service, and an elegant setting in which to enjoy your evening out.
Our dining area seats a maximum of 150 patrons, yet still maintains a cozy and inviting environment.
The restaurant is tastefully decorated in old southern tradition from the perfectly restored fireplaces to the brick floors throughout.
Travel Host Magazine cited our restaurant as being "the kind of place that makes its customers feel good about being there and going back".
17 Hundred 90 has been a tradition in Savannah for over a century and has been acclaimed as "the most elegant restaurant in Savannah" by Gourmet Magazine.
We hope that your experience at 17 Hundred 90 will compliment your memories for years to come and remain a highlight of your stay in the wonderful historic city of Savannah.