Knife and ShuckoMat Gift Boxed Set

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Each of our Knives is hand-forged and equipped with a bottle-opener and cluster-busting mallet handle.

This hand-forged knife has a colonial style handle for absolute control, solid steel construction to be the strongest oyster knife made, and our innovative bottle-opening plate for modern convenience.
Product Detail:
The hand-forged, official Georgia Oyster Knife features a unique, open-handled design that makes it not only more comfortable to use, but also easier to keep track of at an oyster roast. Inspired by Savannah's historic ironwork, the hand-forged Georgia Oyster Knife TM is cast from steel to make it the strongest oyster knife available. When you select the Original Georgia Oyster Knife TM, you'll enjoy these one-of-a-kind benefits:
a 6"-long, 1"-wide blade perfect for freeing delicate oyster meat
an unbreakable handle designed for cluster busting
a built-in bottle opener featuring an outline of Georgia
an open design so you can safely store your knife on your belt or in your pocket
n American-made product that will maintain its beauty and strength for a lifetime, the Original Georgia Oyster Knife is a must-have for anyone who appreciates the history behind handmade crafts, the utility of durable products and, of course, the joy of eating oysters!