Wing Flyer Childern's /Youth Z100 Series (Lime Green)

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Wing Flyer Z100 in Lime Green

The Z100 is designed for children ages 6+ weighing less than 150 lbs, and features a rugged steel frame with aluminum alloy wheels and air-filled tires, textured grips and reflectors on the pedals and a hand braking system.
Kids will enjoy the Z100 and parents will appreciate the multitude of health benefits their children are gaining! Z100 provides hours of fun and fitness! Specs: - Patented smooth drive system - Rugged steel frame - Aluminum alloy wheels - Air-filled tires - Comfortable rubber grip handles - Textured grips and reflectors on pedals - Folds easy and supports up to 150 lbs. - ages 6+ - Remember to fully inflate your tires to 50 PSI
Item is new in box - box has some outter damage from storage
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