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Find all your favorites and more!

Whatever you're in the mood for, The Ice Cream Stop can accommodate your tastes, whether you want a decadent sundae, or a refreshing sorbet.
Choose from a variety of toppings and flavors to create your custom ice cream cone.
Make birthdays count with custom ice cream cakes.
Choose the flavor and size you want for a custom cake that is guaranteed to wow your guests. Whether you are feeding four or 24, all your guests will love a dessert that is personalized with a message for the guest of honor.
Or, you can enjoy an ice cream pie created just for you from an array of delectable flavors.
If you're feeling really decadent, you can even have both!
Non-dairy treats
For the lactose intolerant, we offer Italian Ice and sorbet as well, some with no sugar added.
Choose your dessert:
• Premium ice cream
• Specialty sundaes
• Smoothies
• Custom ice cream cakes
• Ice cream pies
• Shakes, malts, and floats
• Ice cream sandwiches
How to find us:
13300 GA Highway 144 NE
Richmond Hill, Georgia
Call (912) 727-3355
Hours: Mon-Thur: 12:00 -9:00pm
Fri - Sat: 12:00 - 10:00pm
Sun: 12:00-9:00pm